Della & Delle

Cosmetics for all types of beauty

In the market for over 20 years, we are proud to be the pioneers in the eyebrow henna industry in Brazil. Our mission is to bring beauty and self-esteem to all people. Through our products we help our customers in making the world even more beautiful.

We work hard to provide high quality products at a great cost benefit. Our portfolio is focused on facial beauty, and we offer an excellent variety of accessories that help professionals in the eyebrow and make-up business, cosmetics for facial cleansing and treatment, and various henna shades that offer a solution to many different tones of skin and hair.

With each passing year, we aim to establish ourselves in the daily lives of our customers through our products and news, always striving for sustainable socio-environmental growth.

Present in Latin America and Europe, our purpose is to take our products to a growing audience so that everyone has the opportunity to try embellish the world. After all, we believe that beauty belongs to everyone!

We understand how diverse beauty can be and we aim to create products that enhance the intrinsic beauty everyone possesses. We work hard so that our customers can feel comfortable with their beauty all the time.
We help our customers in making the world prettier because beauty is everyone’s.


You comfortable with your beauty


Beauty for you and for the world

We want to establish ourselves in people’s lives daily through our products and courses, with sustainable socio-environmental growth and with respect for the individual beauty of each person.

To expand our horizons and be able to offer solutions to the needs of all our customers, we want to establish ourselves as a dynamic and global company, which learns from its customers and employees and translates this learning into accessible and innovative products.

As promoters of beauty in the world, we believe in respecting the beauty of all people. We also respect the way of being of each person, whether it means their work or their personality, and respect is only built with humility.

We seek to learn from our customers and employees because we believe in the potential of each person and in how that potential helps us grow. We promote the personal development of our employees as a form of corporate development, giving merit to personal effort, continuous growth in efficiency and commitment to the company’s vision.

We act with transparency, as we believe that the clarity of actions encourages solidarity in the workplace. We focus on results, and value our employee’s accountability, who must always act in a fraternal and ethical manner.


Responsible, inclusive and ethical beauty